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Important Information
   How to Order ?

   Shipping and Handling
How are Orders shipped?
Items in our catalog are sent by regular post or by courier (e.g. UPS).
For especially large volumes/amounts, a commissioned shipper will be used.
Delivery Time
Your Order is continuously processed after entry and should be delivered within 3-7 work-days. The average delivery period is four work-days from the time the order is taken.
We continue to improve logistics and work toward a reduction of the delivery-period, and will soon be able to offer you delivery within 48-72 Hours.
Important Notice
Despite careful precautions, it is possible that goods could be damaged during delivery. Should this occur, you will be reimbursed for the cost of damaged items or we will replace the damaged items free of charge.

Please note the following procedures:
Shipping Damages should be reported to the delivering agent immediately upon receipt. Subsequently, inform Partsshop of the reported shipping damage. If you plan to return any items, please inform us before doing so by Email, Fax or Phone.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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